Tech Upgrade – Video Editing

August 12, 2010 at 4:02 am (Uncategorized)

Seeing as how I will be getting ready to head off to school soon i figured i should probably get all of my video editing equipment up to par. Now I currently would say that I’m good in the hardware department. The machine that I’m working on is running on a 3.6 quad-core processor, 4 gig of ram, an asus motherboard, 1 cd-drive (I’m looking into getting another one), a terabyte hard rive and a 25G hard rive for little temporary storage. also i have a nice 23” monitor that i use to edit on but i would love to find another 18” possibly 19” monitor fairly cheap so i can use dual monitors while I’m working.

Up until this point in time I’ve always done my editing in adobe premiere (Cs4). However now that i just added windows 7 64-bit to my computer I’m ready to step up to Cs5 premiere and more importantly After Effects. Also I’ll be installing Avid – Media Composer 5 seeing as how it is a more professional software to work on and more of an industry standard.


So the obvious question is why spend the money to upgrade to Cs5 in the first place.  Well I think everyone can mutually agree that the most frustrating part about editing videos is the dropped frames, slow playbacks. frankly rendering speed is just never up to par with what we want. Well adobe has adhered to the cry of its customers and brought us the fixes we need. premiere and after effects are native to 64-bit GPU acceleration now. in simple terms this tells us that finally the applications will be using every “bit” of our computing power as possible. It also means however that you will need a 64-bit operating system to run the program otherwise you’ll be stuck using Cs4. Now if that’s not good enough adobe also through in a new powerhouse. Their new MERCURY playback engine is being used to render footage in their new products. The engine has been completely re-designed to maximize workflow and allow editors to work in REAL-TIME! this is a major overhaul to the original products and from what I’ve seen is working really well. Not to mention they’ve added the ability to ability to easily meld file types together in a single project. you’ll now be able to use P2, XDCAM, RED, and DSLR all together in one project without issues. All together this is something I’m really looking forward to getting to play around with and will continue to keep you up to date on how it works in case anyone is interested in upgrading but not quite sure yet!


Now the other program i was talking about is Avid’s Media Composer 5. This is a less “pretty” editing system but probably more feature-filled. Avid products are not something that I am familiar with basically I’ve been able to edit on Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut HD, Sony Vegas, and Nero. So I’m looking forward to looking into another avenue. I’ve heard great things about Avid products and my main reason for trying out their product is because its a more professional suite. Many actual movies have been edited on avid including “The Dark Knight”. I want to know what kind of equipment i can expect to be working with if I ever get a chance to break into the industry also i want to be able to familiarize myself with the way that it all works. Just as i will with Adobe premiere I’ll be sure to add much more details on each of these products and my opinion on which i think is better!

Also if any of you have something of an opinion to say about either of these 2 products or any questions be sure to E-mail me at

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Movie Review #1 – Law Abiding Citizen

November 11, 2009 at 11:37 pm (Uncategorized)


So I went and watched this movie the other day on a whim. I wasnt expecting much and figured it would be a great time waster. When i finally got there sat down and got comfortable this movie smacked me in the face and showed me the truth! It was REALLY good!!! Before i even get into the review i’m going to tell you that regardless of what kind of movies you like YOU WILL LIKE THIS MOVIE!

So the breakdown goes like this

The whole thing works off of a VERY basic plot as follows. Man has nice life, Man loses whole family to a murderer, Murderer gets away, Man gets Ticked, Man kills Many Many People. Your probably sitting there thinking Yep, seen it before. I did too, but Gary Gray (director of “The Italian Job”, and “Be Cool”) Piled on so many twists to this story that every time your 100% sure you know exactly what’s going to happen he turns everything on its head. I have to give him a major round of applause for this story and how he portrayed it. The writing was done really well and i found it quite original for a “Already Been Done” idea!

Alright, Jamie Foxx played an AMAZING role as a cop in this movie. It’s one of those characters that you cant really like or dislike although that goes for pretty much the whole cast.  Now as for Gerard Butler (Yeah.. that guy from P.S. I love you) He’s a heartthrob… although anything but in this movie! Nobody else could have pulled off the role of a vengeful, murderer working around the system and it blew me away. I wasn’t expecting such a groundbreaking performance but man was i pleasantly surprised. He pull off the most perfect role switch I’ve ever seen in a movie. He has you constantly tossing and turning between wheather or not you are rooting for him, hating him, or just plain confused.

Technical Aspects-
So there is some pretty flashy stuff in here. First off we got some BRUTAL murders, every time your thinking ok well they’ll cut now because there’s no way they can do that on camera. Yeah… they dont! you watch everything from bombs killing people to somebody being killed with a spoon. The effects were actually really well done and i was pleased with the overall product

I definitely give this movie a 8/10 And would say its worth going to see!

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Just Something I Wrote

November 4, 2009 at 8:18 pm (Uncategorized)


Coming To Terms?

If I could forget, I would
Memories hang on like a weight around your ankle
So many years ago, yet the scar never fades
It’s as vivid as it was the day it happened
If you touched it I’m sure I would still feel the pain
Pains in your heart cut the deepest
When I close my eyes I just relive it
That’s why I can never sleep anymore
Like an insomniac I lay awake staring at the ceiling
Like a little boy afraid to go to sleep
Cause the monster in the closet might come out
I have a monster in my closet too
It comes out when I let my guard down
Every time I let somebody penetrate those barriers I put up
It comes out and puts me back in my place
Shows me why I used to be so careful
It happened so many times before
And it happened with you
I should have learned
I used to see sunshine
Now I’m pretty sure it rains everyday
At least from where I’m sitting
I used to love the rain
It was soothing and relaxing
Now its like watching all the tears I cried
Fall back down over me
I still keep your picture
Not that that means anything to you anymore
I keep it hung on my ceiling
You know, the place I look at every night
I never meant to drive you away
I just get scared getting close to people
Afraid that I’m going to get hurt
So I lash out
And end up being hurt anyway
I guess I really just wanted to say
I really need you back
You see…
I’d rather have a shot at having my heart broke
Then live this life with you not in it

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November 3, 2009 at 4:26 am (Misc.)


Hey… It’s been a really long time since i have updated this and i had’nt even really thought about it till just recently. You see i’ve been EXTREAMLY busy and it really just keeps slipping my mind. Anyway, i was sitting in the theater saturday watching “Law Abiding Citizen” wich was absolutely amazing by the way, and i thought to myself man i really have to write about this which in turn is what reminded me to come here. So I’ve had some new ideas about the site and may begin to steer things in a differant direction. I will still be using my the site as my film journal but i’m going to break it down into some differant sections. Here is kind of my idea. I’m thinking i’ll split it up like this. Have a movie Review for each movie that i watch thats RECENT. Then i also plan on doing segments dealing with old movies i’ve seen that were really good. (Hidden gems if you will) Also I will be documenting some projects i’ve been working on (Hence the busyness) work at the studio and such. Lastly I want to put up another segment on some cool filmaking tips or maybe just some plain old cool stuff…. anyway I really just wanted to take tonight to post this saying that A Forever Unfolding Mind is coming back bigger and badder than ever. So hold on…. Here it comes!

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Film Journal 3 – Broken Arrow

September 2, 2009 at 3:57 am (Film Journals)

This movie was more of a request on my list than something i really wanted to see. You see, my dad has been bugging me to watch this movie because he’s always loved it and i have to be honest untill today i had never seen it before. I know this movie is kind of old now but there is still a lot to be seen in here.
Now comming into this i was expecting a lot out of the story seeing as how the movie was made by John Woo who directed one of my other favorite movies Paycheck. So expectations were high. I have to say that for the most part it lived up to the hype. There were a couple cheesey lines and a few sketchy story parts such as the nuclear explosion at the bottom of a mine shaft in Utah that didnt leak into the underground rivers water supply they escaped from. (but hey nobodys perfect) The concept of the story seemed really solid though. In essence its about a rouge pilot who steals a nuclear warhead and is using it for ransom money against the U.S. The whole thing seemed very Splinter Cell esk. and i liked it.

So John Travolta and Christian Slater play great leads in this movie. John was definiatly made to play this role as a criminal and Slater holds his own pretty well next to him. Even though i didnt think of the “Leading Lady” Samantha Mathis as AMAZING she did pretty well also so i figure i’ll mention her. Now, as far as all the other actors go in this movie i have to say i was pleasently supprised at how polished the whole thing was. Everyone seems to fit their roles really well and nobody seems out of place. Even the soldiers seemed believable in this movie wich is something hard to come by in a lot of movies now days.

Vic Deakins: Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?


If there is one thing this movie dosnt lack its explosions. Everything in this movie blows up, 3-4 helicopters, 2-3 cars, a mine shaft, a train, and a nuclear warhead. thats just the ones i can remember off the top of my head. For a movie made in 1996 i have to say that i’m thouroughly impressed. Woo, did non skimp on the pyrotecnicts like he did on his CG. What little computer generated effects were actually in the movie turned out pretty bad, such as the nukes falling out of the plane. Like i said though this movie is OLD so its not really fair for me to rag on it too much. Plus I really liked it overall and the fighting was pretty awsome. A lot of the boxing and hand to hand combat (while a little unrealistic sometimes) turned out cool andplayed out well. All in all this will be one for the movie collection it was entertaining, funny, and original!

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Film Journal 2 – Hannah Montana: The Movie

August 29, 2009 at 4:29 am (Film Journals, Uncategorized)

Yeah, I know what your thinking.
So i really really really didn’t want to see this movie but thats what you get when you ask your 12 year old brother what he wants to watch. So, seeing as how i’ve made a commitment to write about all of the movies i watch from this point forward its just somthing i’m going to have to deal with.

So i’ll be honest this movie held my attention for the full 102 minutes it was on. I came in to this movie with VERY VERY VERY low expectations so it didnt take much to please me. So there you Hannah Montana fans, there is your compliment. Other than that, the writing was horrible, the different songs audio didn’t mix well with the rest of the movie, and it seemed like all they were relying on was cameo after cameo after cameo.

So the story goes like this… Hannah/Miley is struggling to live her life as she is forced to pick and choose between her two different lives, that of a pop star and a normal girl. (Kinda sounds like every episode she’s ever made of her show huh…). BUT WAIT! This time theres a boy. Hannah falls head over heals for this guy and they get to throw cheesy line after cheesy line to each other. So being that Hannah Montana is a pop star they really try to make this movie a musical. However it just seems so messy and sloppy with how the audio constantly switches from “Normal T.V.” audio to “Hannah’s CD” audio. It just kind of ruins the experience when your consistently reminded Ohhh… here comes the next song. Now my final complaint comes in the relentless cameo’s. Obviously you got your first star Billy Ray Cyrus you have to watch the whole movie. Secondly Hannah gets into some crazy shoe brawl with Tyra Banks for whatever reason. Then later on we see that they try and make it look like the entire band Rascal Flatt’s is somehow related to her. Plus finally we see “Small town girl” Taylor Swift which just makes no sense. I understand they are trying to go for this whole music theme. However, you cant just grab HUGE stars like that and try to play them off as characters that don’t matter in a story revolving around a teen star.

Now i know i ragged on this movie a lot but i’ll be honest. I laughed some, I cringed some, and i even got some goosebumps at the end. Will i ever watch this again, Probably not but look at the bright side I didn’t hate it. It was just… O.K. 

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New Equipment – Editing Computer

August 26, 2009 at 12:49 am (Misc., Uncategorized)

Didn’t quite get around to watching any movies yet today so i dont have a new Video Journal post. I may end up watching one later tonight but for now this will have to do. I’ve almost finished upgrading my computer so i have a nice piece of equipment to work with this year in my Video Productions class. I’ve probably shoveled out close to 700 dollars on it in the past four weeks but as stands i’ve got this monster-

Large Tower Case
600w supercooled power supply
3.2 AMD Quad Core Processor
ATX motherboard with 4- PCI-E 2.0 slots and 2- PCI slots (capable of 16G of Memory)
1.5G of memory (which will be updated to 4G as soon as i get more cash)
160G hard drive *will be updated to 1 Tera byte*
plus a CD-DVD Read/Write Tray * Blueray’s a waist at this day in age maybe later when its more popular*

For those of you who don’t know anything about computers just rest assured this machine will handle pretty much anything you throw at it. So you might be wondering what was the whole reason behind putting out 700 dollars for a new machine. Well lately I’ve been working on a lot of video editing for school projects and I’ve slowly been upgrading my editing tools. I used to use just Windows Movie Maker when i was younger then i went to Sony Vegas and now I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro 3 (Which i absolutely love). For anyone who has actually used After Effects or anything like that you know that it takes a pretty powerful machine to get some good rendering speeds. As the complexity of my projects go up i need a machine that can handle my workload. I’m really excited to test it out and i know it’ll work great I just have to wait a couple more days to get my processor shipped out. Once the computer is up and running you should begin seeing some sample clips of stuff I’ve been working on come up in a new segment “Tools Of The Trade”.

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Film Journal 1 – The Bourne Identity

August 25, 2009 at 3:13 am (Film Journals, Uncategorized)

I saw it only fit to pick one of my favorite movies for my first entry into my journal. I enjoy everything about this movie its just simply one of the best made movies in the action genre you could ask for. It exemplifies the power of emotion over dialog. There is not a WHOLE LOT said in this film but there doesn’t need to be, it provides its own great experience through actions.

What makes this movie so great? For starters you got some actors i absolutely love Matt Damon (Jason Bourne), and Clive Owen (The Professor) plus it was directed by Doug Liman who we all know from “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” or “The O.C.” and of course “Night Rider”. This was most certainly a step in a different direction for him but it turned out great.

The camera shots in this movie are incredible. The only thing faster than the action in this movie is how fast the camera switches from one view to another. I’ll admit in some instances you get a bit lost and dizzy but it only adds to the dramatic effect of somebody fighting for their life. Which leads more into the story. Being the first movie in a series of 3 it really gets the ball rolling from the very beginning. You follow Jason Bourne who is an ex-Black Ops member who was shot on a boat after a mission gone bad. He falls into the sea and is later picked up by a passing fishing boat. After coming to his senses he remembers NOTHING, not his home, family, friends, or even his own name. As things move on he finds all of these people after him trying to kill him to cover up his failed mission. As the story unfolds he finds himself being thrusted deeper and deeper into government conspiracy and cover ups. Now, since I’ve said this is an action movie I should let you know that this movie really delivers a kick of adrenaline. Its got everything from close up hand-to-hand fight scenes, insane shoot-outs, and high octane car chases.

Perfect Story, Amazing Cast, Non-Stop Action, “The Bourne Identity”

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The Constant Speed Of….. Time

August 23, 2009 at 7:57 pm (Misc., Uncategorized)


Its the one thing in my life that never changes. No matter what’s going on around me time will always continue on its never ending path to count downwards the seconds of life. Over recent years of maturing I have began deciding what it is i want to do in life. In order to make a proper decision about that i had to account for the things i love and enjoy doing in life. Those would include music, photography, writing, and art. How wonderful would life be if i could just mix all of those up into one and make a career doing something i love doing. Well easy enough i can, thats where my love for film came in. Its an experience that picks you up and pulls you away from the bars of reality for a couple hours. Everything about cinematography fascinates me and theres nothing i enjoy more than creating new movies and shorts. Now i’m still a senior in high school so i have a long way to go but looking through life from behind my eyes shows a bright future for pursuit of a passion i have for film. This site is meant to act as a couple things….

1. A documented account of the thoughts rambling around inside my head as to the cinemagraphic industry I dream to become apart of some day
2. A place to display and discuss the different projects I’ve produced and will be producing through school / college
3. An area to keep a Film Journal describing my opinions of movies and shows that i’ll have watched from this point forward. Almost like my personal reviews but also doubling as an effective tool towards using elements I like in movies for my own projects.

I hope you all can enjoy this journey along with me. The future is bright!

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